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2021-02-19 ADDA Corporation Participating in an Endless-love-sharing Event Held by CCF Organization in Yunlin County, Taiwan

On November 8th, 2020, ADDA team participated in a charity event (Meeting the Coffee Gang) held by CCF organization in Gukeng Township, Yunlin County, Taiwan, the hometown of
coffee beans. 
Nearly a hundred underprivileged families of children were invited to attend the event. 

They experienced the warmth and care of society by brewing coffee and tasting aromatic
coffee made in Yulin.

The COVID-19 pandemic disease has tremendously striking global industries; additionally, social welfare groups relying upon donations from governments, companies, and individuals are even more miserable. Many underprivileged families are facing unprecedented resource shortages and declined family incomes.

ADDA’s CEO, Mr. Roy Huang, cares about children's education and the living environment of underprivileged families in Yulin hometown. Mr. Huang has sponsored nearly 100 children from the CCF organization and now in its third year. In this year’s charity event, a group of ADDA’s employees went to Yunlin to participate in the CCF and engage in a series of cooperative team activities with sponsored children and their parents. 

By loving and accompanying those children, ADDA team enjoyed the fun from the games, pulled the distance with the sponsored children, and created a full of warm memories. During the activity, many children and their parents were greatly appreciated and expressed their gratitude to ADDA. Those children have made a promise to seize the opportunity of getting educated and studying hard, hoping someday in the future, they will have the ability and opportunity to help other people in need the same way.

In the future, ADDA Corporation will continue upholding the belief of "taken from society/giving back to society," aiding public welfare activities and creating positive energy for implementing the notion of social enterprise.