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It has been more than 40 years since ADDA was founded. We are committed to R&D, Manufacturing of thermal solutions and provide a complete range of cooling products and quality services. Moreover, we have professional R&D teams capable to provide wide customized thermal module applications on network communication, MB chips, graphics card chips, OA equipment, IPC, etc. At the same time, combining with a variety of self-produced cooling fans, we can meet customer needs to achieve the best cooling performance. ADDA can perform complete functions ranging from product development, simulation, designing to mass production.

Continuous Innovation / Master Core Technology / Creating Value
ADDA pays highly attention to needs of customers. We provide thermal products and develop different manufacturing processes and mold designs as well as continuously having excellent performance on products. At the same time, the experienced R&D teams cooperate deeply with customers. With advanced R&D facilities, complete thermal simulation analysis, wind tunnel and thermal characteristic testing, etc., ADDA always tries to think ahead and sustains innovation to meet diverse needs of customers and create unique core values.
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